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released February 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Happening France

Post Hardcore from France.

Follow us on twitter & Instagram : HAPPENINGFRANCE

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Track Name: Brain Tissues
Playing a game without rules is like running alone among bulls
You prayed so hard your god's head, is about to explode it's too late
Thank y'all for understanding but the guiltness won't be erased
The brain tissues are damaged
And the consequences won't be forgotten

To bad to go to hell
Condemned to go to paradise
Cause only god can forgive what you've done
During your life you've wanted all
Now this is the end of an age
This is a fight you can't win
A fight without win
Keep this shit in mind
We'll never surrender

It will never be over
When i'll be gone someone else's gonna screw you harder
If you were a sickness, we'd be the cure
We just spend our life craving for something more
Track Name: Social Mask
There's a point where you can't hide
Desperately, I try to accept your pride
Addiction to a person is hard to contain
Finally it's good to feel pain

Tell me that it's not going to end
Talk to me, I don't want to be lonely in my head
Show me what you are about to be
The changes are what i'm afraid to see

Easy to say that hope is the reason
Harder to face when hope is a prison
I decided to wear my social mask
To look like i'm able to nail the task
Track Name: Lacks
The worst threat is peace
Born with a gun in the hand
You spend your life craving for the end
But there's always something to stop you from doing this
Your life is a combination of sadness and lack of affection

Living in hate
Living like shit
There's no escape to be safe from the outter world you've built
Dying on a throne
Dying alone
The power has always been thick
The death stays almighty for the weak

Don't say your god approve what you do
For money the rest doesn't matter for you
Sadly there's no denial that's a fact
Finally it's easier to hate than giving this life a good shape
Track Name: Choices
I'm feeling hurried
Still i'm not worried
Patience, is a luxe I don't come with
Compliance, is something I don't give a shit

There are two roads in front of me
I have to make choice 'cause someone behind is running after me
But i don't know which one to take
And i don't want to stay here
Or i'll go on a f**king killing spree

Living making choices
Not the best but the less worst
The quicker the better
Don't care about the loss
Cause it will only make your life last shorter not better
And in the end ask yourself
Who cares about you?

Leave behind all the shit
Track Name: Empty Bottle
You began to write a story without conviction
And feed the people with shit you don't even believe
Try to rise the low level of intelligence of yours
But sounds like a lost cause
Knowing your clever as an empty bottle
Don't think you can fool everyone

Don't know what it takes to be like you
And don't want to understand
Because even if I fall
I know for sure that I'll stand again
You began to write a story without conviction

It's hard to face someone who don't understand
WHen you never had a light in the eye
You cannot hope anything after you failed
For you my lowest point is too high

I'm standing proud because I know I'm better than you